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The Right Company Culture Builds Better Software QA

QA Outsourcing Management | By admin | July 15, 2013

Our clients tell us they paid a lot of attention to company culture when they were comparing offshore QA companies. They were convinced, based on prior experience, that culture is the critical difference in companies that integrate successfully with the development team and consistently find critical bugs. No amount of tools, methodologies, nor bug reporting processes can overcome a weak company culture when outsourcing QA. Nor can these resources contribute as significantly as company culture to the motivation of the QA engineers doing the work.

Why Automate Testing? 6 Benefits for Test Automation

Test Automation | By admin | June 26, 2013

Automation can save time and resources, plus increase test coverage. In the past, many organizations found it to be either too expensive or too difficult to implement automation. However, today, through the use of open source tools, shared information, and more experienced engineers, test automation projects are worth the time and effort. The benefits usually outweigh the costs, assuming the automation suite is maintainable and portable. Here’s my list of benefits for test automation.

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