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Application Security With SAST and DAST

AI Testing Tools That Drive Automation (Infographic)

Artificial intelligence or AI is one of the trends that is highly in-demand in the quality assurance industry. By implementing AI in the test automation framework, QA engineers can expect faster release cycles and businesses can provide good customer experience.

How To Test A Microservice?

Tips to Improve a Software Release Cycle (Infographic)

Speed is always a priority in software development. From development to testing, everything should be executed quickly. In a well-planned software release strategy, both speed and quality are of the essence. So let’s take a look at the steps that can help you optimize your existing release management process.

Performance Testing of Chat Applications

A Guide To REST API Testing Strategy

Recent studies on customer experience by Zendesk reveal that one bad customer service experience leads to 39% of customers ignoring a company for the next two years. To avoid such incidents, you should shape up your user interface (UI) interactions effectively to engage with the prospects and constantly add value to their interactions with the content on your website. It’s one of the fastest, most convenient ways to prevent massive losses and boost your profits.

How To Effectively Perform White Box Testing

White box testing is a type of testing technique that aims to evaluate the code, design and the internal structure of a program to improve its design, usability and security. It is one of the two parts of Box Testing methodologies included in software QA testing.

Accessibility Testing for Beginners (Infographic)

Every business desires to expand its user base. However, most applications never accomplish their goals because of poor design or application implementation errors that do not keep every type of end-user in mind. So, does your testing strategy include accessibility testing to make it accessible to all?

Blockchain in Mobile Applications

Accessibility Testing for Beginners

Every business wants to expand the reach of their software application to as many users as possible. Yet, so many applications never reach their potential, simply because the design or implementation of the application didn’t keep every type of end-user in mind.

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