QASource’s Advanced Technology Group Monthly Update: June 2015

QASource QASource | June 24, 2015

Every month our Advanced Technology group evaluates the latest tools in QA testing and passes on their findings to you. This month, we will take a look at i-net PDFC, Maven JXR Plug-in, BrowseEmAll, and PDFDoclet. We have also provided a list of the latest support updates. As always, we hope this will help increase your QA team’s efficiency and productivity, as well as get the most out of test automation.

Latest Support Updates from May 2015:

  • Selenium WebDriver has launched its new version 2.46 compiled with Java 8
  • The new version 1.617 of Jenkins comes with fixes to the slaves/nodes module
  • Version 6.9.4 of TestNG has been released
  • Maven’s new version 3.3.3 comes with fixes to the “deploy” phase
  • Version 1.4.0 of Appium features added support to iOS 8.3

Tools and Technology Overview:

i-net PDFC is a PDF comparison tool. It compares PDF files on the basis of text differences, line/arc/box differences, image differences and margin differences. On comparing two PDF files, it generates a comparison report containing the list of all the differences, as well as a new PDF with all the differences highlighted in it. Moreover, it also provides Java and .Net libraries, which can be integrated with any automation framework.

Maven JXR is a ‘source cross reference generator’ plug-in. It has been used to produce reports that allow XHTML-based line-numbered views of Java source code. Furthermore, it links the generated source-code reports with Maven’s Surefire report. This makes it easier for the user to directly jump to specific lines of code, in-case of any exceptions or failures.

BrowseEmAll is a cross-browser testing tool, which allows the user to test a website in more than 25 web and mobile browsers on their local machine. It is a desktop based tool that does not require any cloud integration/services during the testing. In addition, browser and mobile devices can be tested side-by-side. Using this tool, applications deployed in a local environment can easily be tested.

PDFDoclet is a library which can be integrated with Maven's pom file to generate PDF documentation of framework. Doclets are programs written in the Java that use the doclet API to specify the content and format of the output of the Javadoc tool. Using Doclet, users can convert standard HTML Javadoc files to any other custom format like, PDF, DOC, TXT etc.

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