How Do You Maintain a Regression Test Suite?

Timothy Joseph | November 30, 2020

How Do You Maintain a Regression Test Suite?

Best Way To Maintain a Regression Test Suite

Maintaining any kind of test suite becomes very important when you application is growing at a fast pace and you have to keep an check on what’s done on every release so as to provide a bug free product. Most of the test cases after your product launch includes the regressions tests. Therefore, well-designed and maintained suits becomes very fruitful in time of need. Irrespective of the tool, you are using either paid or open source.

There are many possible ways for managing the regression test suite depending upon which tool and technology you are using. However, the core structure would remain same and the regression suits can be divided into following:

  • P1 Regressions
  • P2 Regressions
  • P3 Regressions

P1 being highly critical, followed by P2 and P3.

  • P1 Regressions: P1 surely executed for every release/Change for that particular area which is impacted. It needs to include highly critical test cases of all components you have in your application. These can be automated based on the timeline, expense, and expertise.
  • P2 Regressions: These should consists of tests with major functionalists, which include scenarios performed by the end to end-users though they are not critical but usually covers the scenario’s which are occasionally performed. These can be automated or can be arranged to execute manually depending upon the timelines.
  • P3 Regressions: These should be edge case scenarios that are rarely performed but when needed can be executed.

You can continue to create more based on the number of critical areas though 3-4 regressions suits are sufficient for any major application.


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