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Virtual Reality QA Testing: What to Test and Why

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have been the stuff of fantasy for a long time. Remember the bulky headsets and long, snaking connector cords of the 1980s? But it’s becoming increasingly popular and approachable in today’s market - just consider the rampant success of Pokémon GO, the mobile AR game. Companies are starting to explore how VR/AR can help create a more attractive, immersive product for their customers.

Email Server Performance Testing

Software Functional Testing: A Comprehensive Breakdown

If you want a bug-free product, your QA team must carry out both functional and non-functional testing. QA teams tend to be more familiar with executing non-functional tests to ensures the usability and performance of the product, leading to less time and attention on functional testing where many of the defects often hide.

Functional testing doesn’t have to be intimidating. With the understanding of the value that functional testing can bring to your development cycle, your team can then plan how to incorporate functional testing within your QA testing procedures.

API Testing Tutorial: 4 Key Considerations

API Testing, Test Automation | By Brandon Getty | July 30, 2020

The primary goal of API testing is going beyond QA manual testing material by executing code-level testing of both the application and the API. A full, organized suite of testing can verify the individual parts of each method, class and package within the API. Strong API testing practices can ensure the security of the application’s code and confirm the expected interaction between the API layer and the application.

There’s a lot that needs to happen during API testing, so where should your team begin?

Performance Testing Checklist: 10 Considerations When Preparing for Performance Testing (Infographic)

There are more than just technical considerations when implementing a streamlined QA process. It's important that communication and workflows are understood by both internal and external stakeholders. Our team of experienced QA engineers have put together a QA checklist to help you and your team create an efficient and comprehensive process. These strategic steps will assist you from the initial planning phase through to the final stages of test execution and product release.

IoT: Best IoT Testing Tools, Strategies & Products

IoT, IoT testing | By Timothy Joseph | July 28, 2020

Creating a cool IoT device or life changing IoT software is only the first step towards a products’ success. Executing proper QA testing on your IoT product confirms that your IoT device can withstand security threats, connectivity issues and performance malfunction.

That requires a lot of testing. And with so many IoT platforms to review, so many communication protocols to test, and so many new security threats on rise, it’s impossible to carry out IoT testing manually. 

The answer is simple - your team needs the right IoT testing tools for your QA strategy. But what is IoT testing? What are today’s best IoT testing tools? And what’s the best way to test IoT devices?

This guide aims to answer what QA teams need to know about IoT so that your development cycle can effectively test your IoT device before launching a secure, quality product to your consumers.

A Guide to Software Testing in a DevOps Culture

As technology rapidly advances and constantly improves, so too must the development practices that create these digital experiences for customers. Because the demand is not slowing down, more and more companies are transitioning their IT practices towards adopting a DevOps culture. With DevOps in place, businesses can better streamline the development, testing, management and deployment of software products to exceed customer expectations.

DevOps provides the solution that many organizations need, however, it is not something that can be turned on with a flip of a switch. DevOps requires full understanding of procedure standardization, workflow management and automated testing before adopting this development methodology.

For example, what is DevOps in software testing? How has DevOps changed software testing? And what are the pros and cons of software testing in DevOps?

Our guide to software testing in a DevOps culture answers your most pressing questions so that you can decide if DevOps is right for you.

Mobile Interruption Testing

Best API Testing Tools in 2020

Every QA engineer can agree that API testing tools are very important when overcoming the common challenges that API testing presents. Yet strong opinions surface when debating which is the best tool to use when following API testing automation best practices.

The solution is simple - choose the API testing tool that fits the specific needs of your product, your team and your development cycle. Yet the question remains the same - which API testing tool is the best fit for your product?

There’s a lot we need to unpack before you can make this decision. What are API testing tools? How should your team choose an API tool? And is there an API testing tool list that can streamline this decision-making process?

We compiled this API testing tool comparison so that your team can expedite your decision based on facts, not hype.

Can Manual Testing be Completely Replaced by Automation Testing?

There’s a world of difference between “good” and “good enough.”

Think of it in end-user terms—what sort of emotional response are you hoping for when your customers get their hands on your product for the first time? You want them to be impressed, at ease and to have the best experience possible.

You don’t launch a new product, or upgrade an existing one, with the intention of your customers eventually getting the hang of it after a few trial and error moments.

That’s the difference between “good” and “good enough,” and it’s what ultimately leads to success—or failure. Achieving that difference is what your QA process should be all about.

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