How Do You Perform Web Accessibility Testing for a Blind User?

Timothy Joseph | November 23, 2020

How Do You Perform Web Accessibility Testing for a Blind User?

QASource has worked on many projects where the QA engineers have performed Accessibility testing for their clients. There are lot of tools available in the market for Accessibility testing. Following are a few examples of the recommended free tools:

  1. Accessibility Testing Tools for Websites:
    • NVDA(Free Tool): This is a screen reader tool which helps a user having visual impairment to hear the content which is available on a web page.
    • Testing Using NVDA Tool: Using keyboard navigation i.e. We can navigate on a website or an application, using keyboard with use of 'Tab' key and 'Shift+Tab' key.
  2. Testing Using TalkBack and VoiceOver Tools:
    Enable inbuilt screen readers and using different gestures, we can navigate in mobile apps i.e. Swipe 'left to right' for navigating in forward direction and access next element and swipe 'Right to left' for navigating backwards.


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