How Do You Use TestRail With Jira?

Timothy Joseph | March 21, 2022

How Do You Use TestRail With Jira?

Jira and TestRail are widely used applications by development and QA teams for project management.
Let's discuss the objective of these 2 applications and how these are interrelated with each other.

Jira is basically a bug tracking system and used for other project management tasks like Sprint management, team management, tracking and reporting.
However, TestRail is used for writing the test cases, execution, and managing the testing activities for the particular releases and projects.

Objective of Integration of TestRail With Jira

The main objective of the integration of TestRail with Jira is to keep visibility among the tasks being assigned to Development and QA Teams. This is also helpful to collaborate with the different departments including stakeholders.

Benefits of Integration of TestRail With Jira

When the QA team logs a defect in Jira, there is a mechanism to link the related test cases from TestRail and it is helpful in the following manner:

  • This will help to get an idea about the detailing of the failure
  • It maintains the history of the test cases and bugs
  • TestRail  track of all the past test cases executions
  • Cross-team visibility is also the main advantage of integration. Testing teams activities can be watched by other teams involved in Jira system.

Let's Discuss the Main Assets of Jira and TestRail

Epics, User stories, Boards, Tickets in the form of QA bugs, features, enhancements are the assets of Jira. Requirements are provided by Business in the Jira system in the form of epics and user stories or sub-tasks.

TestRail contains the projects, milestones, test suites, test cases, Test runs and reports corresponding to the testing of tickets of Jira.


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