How Does Serverless Architecture Be Achieved in Cloud Computing?

Timothy Joseph | August 1, 2022

How Does Serverless Architecture Be Achieved in Cloud Computing?

Simple rules can help FaaS consideration as a better solution. An important question that many must be wondering is related to the best practices for using FaaS. Following are two of them:

  1. While creating applications, developers should ensure that the created functions should perform one and only one action at a time. The Focus should be on making it simple. Any thoughts should be resisted to overcome one operation to be done by calling another function. FaaS majorly focuses on isolation, one of its primary benefits under serverless architecture. Therefore, developers should keep in mind to avoid creating dependencies between functions so that the advantage is not neglected.
  2. Developers should keep checking upon function loading time. Using too many libraries or writing a function that needs a lot of memory will increase load time. So, this should be avoided, and the focus should remain on creating it simple.

How to Start Using FaaS?

As also mentioned earlier, AWS Lambda has grown into one of their most vital services since it was launched in 2014 by AWS. It has become a platform for Alexa skills development and a useful mechanism for accessing AWS’s monitoring features. Lambda has built-in support for many programming languages such as Java, C#, Node.js, Go, Python, and Ruby. One can start with the language that best suits him/her.

Azure functions were launched a few years after Lambda by Microsoft and have also made up a lot of ground since then. Languages supported by Azure are C#, JavaScript/Typescript, Java, PHP, and Python.

Further, another major service provider is the Google Cloud Platform(GCP) which supports PHP, Java, .Net, Python, Javascript, Ruby, Go, etc.

Below are some FaaS examples:

  1. Everyone is aware of Amazon Alexa but hardly could have known that we are using serverless architecture here. Alexa’s skills are implemented by using AWS Lambdas. Using these Lambdas loads results quickly and provides a response in no time. Majorly used skills by Alexa are weather and news updates.
  2. FaaS uses ETL(Extract, Transform, Load) processes for retrieving data, processing it, and storing the results in a database. FaaS function can be triggered remotely or auto-scheduled. With FaaS, multiple jobs can be scheduled in parallel with multiple functions.

Serverless computing has a lot to offer from providing an easy path to migrating or building new services in the cloud to managing servers with increased efficiency. Its most important advantage, we should not forget that we pay for only what we use.


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