How To Compare Two XML Files in Selenium?

Timothy Joseph | February 21, 2022

How To Compare Two XML Files in Selenium?

To compare 2 XML files with selenium, we can use the available utilities. For example, XMLUnit can be used for comparison in Java and XMLDiffPatch with C#.

Below is a sample program to perform XML comparison in C#:

  1. If we are using Visual Studio, we need to download XMLDiffPatch NuGet package.
  2. Then write the below statements in your program to perform the simple comparison.

    XmlDiff xmlcompare = new XmlDiff();
    bool bIdentical = xmldiff.Compare(expectedxml, actualxml);

  3. Here bIdentical will return true if data matches and false if there is any mismatch.
  4. XML files can also be read from a local system using XMLReader.
  5. Similarly, there are other capabilities of this package that can be used to perform XML handling if needed.

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