How To Define the Entry and Exit Criteria in Software Testing?

Timothy Joseph | April 25, 2022

How To Define the Entry and Exit Criteria in Software Testing?

Software Testing

  • Software testing assures whether the authentic software product reaches the expected requirements and is untied of defects.
  • It ameliorates the user involvement of an application and confers satisfaction to the customers, which helps out to give rise to more revenue for a business.
  • Furthermore, there are multiform conditions that need to be thought about and processed, which eventually become an origin of skepticism for testers, primarily concerning were to initiate and terminating testing.

To steer clear of this confusion, particular constraints and requirements are established by the QA team, prior to the initiation of testing, that assist testers across the testing life cycle. These conditions are named entry and exit criteria.


Entry Criteria

  • The preconditions must be accomplished before setting about the testing process.
  • While setting the entry norms, it is also salient to interpret the duration when the entry criteria item is obtainable to start the mechanism.
  • For instance, a test plan would catalog the hardware and software that needs to be serviceable.
  • A portion of the entry criteria are:
    • Absolute or moderately testable code is available.
    • Requirements are described and sanctioned.
    • Availability of ample and wanted test data.
    • Test cases are developed and ready.
    • The test environment has been established and all additional resources are ready for use.

Exit Criteria

  • It states the stipulations that are required to be consummated before the termination of the software testing process.
  • The specifications set out in it should be computed all probable.
  • With the ministration of exit criteria, the teams of testers are capable to complete the testing without cop-out the class and usefulness of the software.
  • The often thought about exit criteria are:
    • Target date meet or spending plan depleted.
    • Execution of all test cases.
    • Needed and enough coverage of the requirements and functionalities under the test.
    • Hardly any Medium Priority defects are open and have a sidestep in place.
    • Few low priority open defects that do not affect software utilization.
    • All the first concerns or scathing defects are fixed and shut.

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