How to Integrate Pylint with PyCharm?

Dapheny Murphy | December 5, 2022

How to Integrate Pylint with PyCharm?

Yes, PyCharm can use Pylint. This code analysis package can be installed in PyCharm or other IDEs such as Eclipse and PyDev to perform a comprehensive analysis of code.

Analysis performed by Pylint generates a score for any chosen file scanned. Using the information given as a result of Scan, the author of code files can improve the coding standards for the project.

How To Install Pylint in an IDE?

Pylint can be installed by running the below command in the terminal of PyCharm:

  • pip install pylint
  • The installation path of Pylint should be noted by using the command: "which pylint" for mac, and for windows, it should be in the scripts folder or you can use "where pylint."

How To Integrate Pylint With PyCharm?

  • Navigate to the External tools window by clicking: File → Settings → External tools.
  • Click `+` on the Button.
  • Enter the installation path of pylint in the field 'Program', Enter data for all other fields as desired.
  • Click 'OK'.

How To Execute Pylint?

  • Click right on the file or code
  • Open in → Terminal
  • Use the command "pylint"

Best Practices To Use Pylint

Pylint is a customizable tool that can perform tailor-made checks according to the user's requirements, Here are the instructions to maximize Pylint's compatibility with your Project.

  • Generate an initial .pylintrc file, for example by using pylint --generate-rcfile.
  • Make a list of all the checks you may want to enable from the Pylint docs Given here.
  • Configure .pylintrc to disable them.
  • Comment them all to disable any kind of checking.

At this point, Pylint will perform no checks. Then, the user can customize Pylint according to the requirements:

  • Now, Uncomment a small number of checks, and re-run Pylint.
  • If the resulting errors are actual problems, then the user needs to rectify them. If the mistakes are not helpful for your project, delete those checks from the configuration file.


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