How To Perform Cloud Collaboration Testing?

Timothy Joseph | December 27, 2021

How To Perform Cloud Collaboration Testing?

Agile methodology and waterfall methodology are two very different SDLC techniques that are used by companies to deliver quality projects within a specified timeline and it being used by top software testing companies.

Waterfall methodology also known as linear-sequential life cycle model, in this model during which each project stage occurs sequentially. The method followed progressively downward flow throughout all the phases which implies each phase must be completed before moving to the next phase and works on one-time massive whole delivery, i.e. the product is delivered at the end of the software development life cycle.

Agile methodology is more of a principle based on continuous iterations of development. It may be a model which follows a correct sequential, linear, and an iterative approach. It's termed agile because it's swifter and features a more flexible approach to project management.

Agile Methodology

  • It is an incremental, sequential and iterative approach.
  • It divides a project into sprints, which makes release cycles smaller.
  • It introduces a product mindset with a spotlight on customer satisfaction.
  • Requirements are updated if any changes are needed based on customer feedback.
  • Testing is performed concurrently with development in Agile model.
  • Test teams in Agile can participate in requirements change.
  • Agile enables the project team to work without a passionate project manager.
  • It involves all the stakeholders at all the stages of product development life cycle.

Waterfall Methodology

  • It follows a linear and sequential approach.
  • It divides the project into phases.
  • It helps complete one single project in a very single go.
  • Requirements are prepared once at the beginning of Waterfall.
  • Waterfall avoids scope of changes once the project starts.
  • In waterfall, testing phase comes only after the build innovate a Waterfall project is completed.
  • Test teams in Waterfall don't get entangled in requirements change.
  • Waterfall requires a project manager who plays an important role in every phase.


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