How to Upload an Image Using Selenium WebDriver?

Timothy Joseph | August 2, 2021

How to Upload an Image Using Selenium WebDriver?We can upload an image file using Selenium using numerous programming languages. For this particular example we will be using PHPUnit with Selenium to perform the upload.

There is a document object model (DOM) element which is of input type, or file, on a webpage. For this, you need to find that element in the webpage and enter the path of the file which you want to upload.

You can follow the below example,

$this->value([type="file"], 'file path');

The first parameter of the above "value" function is the CSS locator, which can vary as per the web page. The second parameter of the "value" function is the path of the file which is what we want to upload

Alternatively, there is another method in PHPUnit to enter the value in a text box which is "keys()". We can also use that instead of "value()" like below,

$this->click('CSS Locator');
$this->keys('path to file');

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