How To Use Data Objects in Javascript?

Dapheny Murphy | October 2, 2023

How To Use Data Objects in Javascript?

In JavaScript, an object is a discrete entity characterized by properties and a specific type. Objects are utilized to manage substantial amounts of data within extensive applications.

For instance, envision a book as an object with properties like its title, author's name, and the number of pages it contains.

To declare an object in JavaScript, you can use the following syntax:

const book = {"Title": "A Passage to India", "Pages": "500", "Author": "E.M. Foster"};

Accessing properties of JavaScript objects can be achieved through three different methods:

  • Dot Property Accessor
    • Example: console.log(book.Title); // => A Passage to India
    • Alternatively, you can use identifiers within square brackets:
      console.log(book['Author']); // => 'E.M. Foster
  • Square Brackets Property Accessor

    You can also use square brackets to access properties. For example:

    const property = 'Title';
    const book = {
    title: 'A Passage to India'
    // Square brackets property accessor
    console.log(book['Title']); // => 'A Passage to India'
    console.log(book[property]); // => 'A Passage to India'

  • Object Destructuring: Object destructuring allows you to extract properties into variables. Here's an example:

    const book = {
    title: 'A Passage to India'
    // Object destructuring
    const { title } = book;
    console.log(title); // => 'A Passage to India'

These methods provide various ways to access and manipulate object properties in JavaScript.


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