How To Write a Test Case for Database Testing?

Timothy Joseph | April 18, 2022

How To Write a Test Case for Database Testing?

To maintain integrity and consistency in data it is crucial to utilize Database testing. The following components need to be taken care of while creating test cases for database testing:

  • Prepare test environment
  • Run a test
  • Validate the actual result with that of the expected result
  • Report any deviations

Note: As a prerequisite, the user must have abundant knowledge of database servers and structured query language.

Database testing varies from User Interface testing concerning the below parameters:

DB testing involves the schema, Database tables, Columns, Keys and indexes, Stored procedures triggers, DB server validation, validating data duplication.


To Write Test Cases For Database Testing

  1. Check table presence in the database schema. (Use the select query to display tables)
  2. Check table naming convention (Use the select query to display tables)
  3. Check the number of columns in a table (Use select count(*) statement)
  4. Check column names in a table (select column name from schema where table)
  5. Check data type of columns in the table (select column_name, data_type from schema where table)
  6. Check the size of the columns in a table (select column_name, column_type from schema where table)
  7. Check null fields in a table (select column_name, is_nullable from schema where table)
  8. Check column keys in a table (select column_name, column_key from schema where table)

Now compare the expected result with the Actual result and report the deviation (if any).

If you have any other questions or concerns about database testing or are in general need of QA resources, contact QASource's testing experts.


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