What Are JavaScript Statements?

Timothy Joseph | December 14, 2020
What Are JavaScript Statements?
The programming instructions that are executed by a web browser are called statements in JavaScript.

Ex: document.getElementById("World") = "Hello World";

There is not a compiler available in JS, so its code is translated by a web browser translator which is embedded in each browser.

Below are the Statements in JS:
  • if else
  • switch case
  • while
  • do while
  • for
  • for in
  • continue
  • break
  • function
  • return
  • var
  • try
  • catch
  • throw

Most companies providing automation testing services are adopting and recommending JavaScript as the primary programming language for automation due to the following benefits:

  • JavaScript is lightweight and interpreted programming language.
  • JavaScript is open source and cross-platform which reduces cost.
  • JavaScript provides efficiency due to its structured patterns and functions that make automation scripts compact.
  • Large support available in communities.
  • JavaScript is easy to learn and implement.


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