What Are the Best Practices in Lightning Web Components?

Ross Jackman | April 3, 2023

What Are the Best Practices in Lightning Web Components?

There are multiple approaches widely used in professional frameworks for Lightning Web Components and the most frequently used are as mentioned below:

  • Data Caching: Use a Lightning data service that automatically handles security for users. There is no need to write apex classes, however, if you are using them, mark your methods as cacheable.
  • Condition-based Rendering: This will wait for your component to render until a specific condition is met.
  • Reusable LWC: Your code should be abstract enough that it is used only inside the scope and dynamic that, it serves the purpose of your implementations.
  • Storable Action: By using Storable action, calls to the server will be reduced.
  • Pagination: Implementing pagination in code will improve the performance of the application.
  • Component Composition: Use public and private properties for effective component composition. Use event communication for child-to-parent communication and vice versa for sibling components.
  • Style & Icons: A wide range of optimized icons are available.


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