What Common Errors Do You Find While Testing a Web App?

Timothy Joseph | April 12, 2021

What Common Errors Do You Find While Testing a Web App?

The following are some of the common errors you would find while testing web apps.

  1.  Users are not authorized to access any part of the application or the web page.
  2. Internal Server Errors are displayed when a server does not respond to your request.
  3. A user is unable to login into the application with the right credentials.
  4. A 404 error is displayed when a user tries to access a web page that does not exist.
  5. There may be some UI issues page due to JAR or CSS files not loading on the web page.
  6. The application may not be browser or OS compatible.
  7. If there is a Download/Export functionality, the user may get a server error while downloading the files.
  8. Server errors may be displayed after updating the URL in the web application.


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