What is Google Bard AI and How Does it Work?

QASource Engineering Team | October 30, 2023

What is Google Bard AI and How Does it Work?

Google has released a new chatbot called Bard, a conversational tool similar to ChatGPT that can create new content from prompts and instructions.

  • It's like talking to a machine. It is based on LaMDA. It's a Dialogue Application for a language model. This means that it can understand the context of your questions.

    This simply means that it can understand the context of your questions.

  • The unique feature of Bard is that it will answer your questions like a human instead of a link.
  • After Bard, you do not need to visit multiple web pages. Bard will answer your questions directly; the best part is that Bard can access the latest information.
  • The most impressive productivity feature is exporting the code, and users can easily test, debug, and execute the code without installing any software or setting up any environment.

The principle is the same as any other chatbot or ChatGPT, where we give an input query, and it generates an answer instantly, we can see that we can get a few different drafts of our answer, and we also modify our answer. By doing this, we can shorten or lengthen it. To make this or that thing simpler, more informal, or professional is quite a convenient tool, and another fantastic thing about Bard is that we can upload images, and it can describe them to us.

Google Bard can provide details in a summarized form covering in-depth knowledge for any topic, along with connected source URLs. Let's say you want to write some content for 'functional testing services'; it can give you a great article on that, and you could modify it as well as per your needs.


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