What Is Soak Testing in Software Testing?

Ross Jackman | July 24, 2023

What Is Soak Testing in Software Testing?

When an extensive amount of stress testing is performed on a system during a period of continuous availability while testing a software is known as Soak testing, mainly done to see the way the application responds in actual use.

Soak tests are used to find out whether a system can sustain passing a significant load for a definite period. This testing is accomplished at the system level to determine whether the system will be able to bear a large volume of usage. It also considers results that might be inconsistent with the system's design.

The Objective of Soak Testing

Soak testing has the following goals:

  • To track the way the system responds to prolonged periods of intense stress.
  • To predict the collapse brought on by the heavy load.
  • To evaluate the system's functionality.
  • To build the system stable and dependable.

Failures detected by Soak Testing

Below are the failures or issues which are detected by the Soak Testing:

  • Memory Leaks: Soak testing detects memory leaks that are serious enough to crash an application or the operating system.
  • Failure of Layer Connections: Soak testing recognizes any weak links in the system's layers that could cause the system's modules to malfunction.
  • Failure of Closed Database Connections: Under certain conditions, soak testing can identify the failure of closed database connections which may affect the entire system to crash.
  • Response Time Degradation: Soak testing also identifies a reduction in the system's response time as it gets less effective and requires longer to respond.


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