What Is the Significance of Selenium WebDriver in Automation Testing?

Ross Jackman | March 20, 2023

What Is the Significance of Selenium WebDriver in Automation Testing?


WebDriver is a kind of remote control interface that provides a platform to control the behavior of a web browser. It discovers and handles DOM elements in web documents and controls the behavior of the specified web browser. WebDriver is one of the components in the Selenium framework.

Types of WebDriver

Now, Let us know about majorly used types of WebDriver: Majorly implemented classes of WebDriver interface are ChromeDriver, EdgeDriver, FirefoxDriver, and InternetExplorerDriver, etc. (Each driver class matches the specific browsers)

The Architecture of Selenium WebDriver

  • JSON performs the task of transferring information from the server to the client.
  • JSON Wire Protocol is mainly responsible for the transfer of data between HTTP servers.
  • Each browser has a specific browser driver, for example: For Opera Browser, OperaDriver is used while writing script to launch Opera Browser.

How Does the Selenium WebDriver Perform the Action

Browser drivers(say OperaDriver) interact with their respective browser(Opera Browser) and executes the commands by interpreting JSON which is been received by the browser. Once the browser (say Opera Browser) gets the instructions from WebDriver, then these instructions are executed on browser. Then the response is given back in the form of the HTTP response.

6 Features/Advantages of WebDriver in Selenium Are:

  1. Webdriver is an open-source tool and supports multiple browsers and operating systems
  2. Cross-Browser and parallel Execution testing
  3. Multiple Language Compatibility (Java, Ruby, etc.)
  4. Web Elements' identification and usage are easy
  5. Dynamic Web Elements
  6. Reusability is good


To conclude, from above, we came to know the importance of WebDrivers, so most of the QA services-based companies can prefer to use Automation testing using Selenium WebDriver.


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