When Is the Right Time To Start and End E2E Testing?

Timothy Joseph | July 12, 2021

When Is the Right Time To Start and End E2E Testing?

E2E or End to End testing validates a piece of software of application for dependencies, data integrity, and interaction with other systems, interfaces, and databases. E2E testing creates a complete production-like scenario and validates the application from starting to the end, along with its integration with external interfaces.

When To Start E2E Testing:

  • The test environment should be available
  • Accurate test data should be available and with the QA team
  • Test cases should cover end-user scenarios
  • The testing tool should be installed and ready to use

When To End E2E Testing:

  • All test plans should be complete
  • No critical or high-severity defects should be open
  • High-risk areas should be completely tested
  • The required test coverage should be met

E2E testing plays a critical role in scale your testing efforts. As your application or software system evolves over time, you would want your product to work across a vast array of devices and environments. E2E testing validates and ensures that your product APIs, DB interactions, and network communications perform as desired.


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