Which Is the Best Test Management Tool for Jira?

Ross Jackman | July 17, 2023

Which Is the Best Test Management Tool for Jira?

The few important features that QA companies consider while introducing a Jira Test Management tool to its teams are as follows:

  • Simpler to use
  • The test case management features should be useful to the teams and should be versatile
  • Test automation & exploratory testing should also be supported by the tool
  • The UI of the tool should be productive and fast
  • The Jira integration of the tool chosen should be flawless so that the team's workflow is not hindered

Jira test management tools can be categorized into two categories:

  • Jira-only add-ons that use Jira issues for test cases
  • Test management tools with Jira integration

Below listed are some of the best Jira Test Management Tools that are currently being widely used by software testing companies:

  1. Testmo: Tool with Jira integration
  2. Behave Pro: Jira-only testing add-on
  3. Test Collab: Tool with Jira integration
  4. QMetry for Jira: Jira-only testing add-on
  5. TestRay: Jira-only testing add-on
  6. PractiTest: Tool with Jira integration
  7. SpiraTest: Tool with Jira integration
  8. Zephyr Squad: Jira-only testing add-on
  9. AIO Tests: Jira-only testing add-on
  10. ReQtest: Tool with Jira integration
  11. Vansah for Jira: Jira-only testing add-on
  12. QAlity: Jira-only testing add-on


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