Why Do You Use Typescript Over Javascript in Cypress?

Ross Jackman | May 22, 2023

Why Do You Use Typescript Over Javascript in Cypress?

TypeScript is an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft Corporation, whereas JavaScript is the programming language for the web. TypeScript is an open-source language to make large-scale web apps, whereas JavaScript is a server-side programming language that helps to develop interactive web messengers. TypeScript extends JavaScript and improves the developer experience.

TypeScript is better than JavaScript in terms of language features, reference documentation, design scalability, collaboration within and between companies, designer experience, and code maintainability.

It is a subset of the JavaScript programming language so, it helps a lot in web development using Node.js frame on the server side of the back-end services. TypeScript is more effective and speedy compared to JavaScript.

TypeScript is preferred for server-side programming languages. It is recommended for constructing large-scale operations. It's statically compartment i.e. unless you give the type of the variable, the law won't run, which makes error discovery easy.

At the time of deployment, TypeScript can point out the reader defects, thereby minimizing the defects during run-time. On the other hand, JavaScript is an interpreted language and can point out the bugs only during the run-time. TypeScript supports both dynamic and static typing as it provides visibility scopes, namespaces, inheritance, union, and many other features. Also, it offers comments, variables, statements, and functions.

Advantages of TypeScript

  1. TypeScript features mistakes at arrangement time, while JavaScript, at the runtime
  2. TypeScript introduced a great deal of syntax taken from OOPs
  3. Strict Typing
  4. TypeScript runs in any program or JavaScript motor
  5. Extraordinary tooling with IntelliSense, which gives dynamic suggestions as the law’s fresh
  6. Structural Typing
  7. TypeScript has a namespace idea by characterizing a module
  8. TypeScript’s explanations can be optional
  9. Type inference

Disadvantages of TypeScript

  1. TypeScript sets away long trouble to incorporating the law
  2. TypeScript doesn’t uphold theoretical classes
  3. When exercising the stranger library, there's a description document, which is not generally accessible
  4. Nature of type description documents is a solicitude
  5. When TypeScript needs to run in a program, there is no step to change TypeScript to JavaScript

Enrolling TypeScript masterminds may be a genuine annoyance, since a portion of the developers are not keen on learning TypeScript, being entirely satisfied with using JavaScript. Groups that now use JavaScript get profitable with TypeScript after around a couple of months, and conversant in TypeScript simply after about a large portion of the time. TypeScript isn’t fully co-expressive with JavaScript.


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