Cloud based performance testing: PerfCast - Summer 2017

QASource | September 20, 2017

“Cloud is where you have all the complexity, all the right servers, the right number of users, and you get more feedback on the problem.”

- Sven Hammar

What’s New

  • The Neoload has released Neoload 6.0 version with the following features:

    • Share test results easily with web-based SaaS (Software as a service) interface
    • Allows to mix multiple KPIs in the same graph (e.g. average transaction time, average request response time, and total transaction failed)
    • Monitor tests in real-time when executed from a Continuous Integration

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  • The StresStimulus team has released v4.6 version with following new features:

    • Replay sessions to view the server's response to ensure that the requests are correctly constructed
    • Add time-stamp to the recorded test case
    • Add description stating reason of changes made in the test script
    • Replay test case at a slower pace to validate recorded script

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Tools Evaluated By Team

Tools Evaluated By Team

LoadStorm: LoadStorm pro offers cloud based performance testing services including traffic from different geographical locations like US, Ireland, Singapore and many more. As the script is recorded using a developer tool so it is closer to real user behavior.

  • Key Takeaways

    • Evaluated for running load test from a globally distributed cloud platform
    • Provides interactive graphs for KPI(s) like requests per second, concurrent users, peak response time, throughput, % errors and many more
    • Run load tests up to 1,000,000 concurrent VUsers
    • Supports HAR (HTTP Archive file) and XML file formats for recorded test scripts
    • No knowledge of scripting language is required

Loadster: Loadster can be used in both private and cloud networks, to run distributed load tests. The same load test scripts can be used in both the environments, which saves user's time in new scripts creation. This is helpful when performance testing needs to be performed in both private and cloud networks.

  • Key Takeaways

    • Evaluated for generating load test from different geographical locations
    • Generates load from North America, Europe, Asia, South America and Australia
    • View response graph of any of the inbuilt KPI(s) in a single click on Dashboard (Response Times, Network Throughput, Transaction Throughput and many more)
    • Export test results in HTML format
    • View live performance graphs
    • Save results in Loadster repository for future reference

Knowledge Base

5 Key points for cloud based performance testing  

5 Key points for cloud based performance testing:

  • Cloud based Load testing tool(s) must haves:
    • Capability to integrate with multiple cloud platforms
    • Bandwidth throttling to validate the speed at which real user access the application
    • Support both lab and cloud testing to reuse the same scripts
    • Provide detailed performance report for better analysis
  • First perform the test in an internal environment with medium load to identify the preliminary performance issues then move to cloud based environment for real-time testing
  • Ensure that data sent & retrieved from load generators is encrypted and load generators should have their own firewalls to protect them from outside security risks
  • Use various cloud providers to execute tests from various geographical locations
  • Allocate an appropriate heap size to avoid any run time issue in case large number of virtual users are required
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