Database Performance Testing: PerfCast Q3 - 2016

QASource | November 16, 2016

“If an end user perceives bad performance from your website, her next click will likely be on”

- Ian Molyneaux

What’s New

  • Gatling Stress Tool has released its new version 2.2.X which is loaded with support of JDK8, reporting improvements, additions to HTTP requests, Feeder Shuffle, Assertions & Conditional Checks…

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  • BlazeMeter now enables users to execute Selenium scripts as load tests. Selenium users can run thousands of different nodes in the cloud for large scale load tests across multiple geographical locations…


  • The Apache JMeter team has released JMeter 3.0, a major new release loaded with UI & UX improvements, Reporting improvements, new shortcuts, new Sample Timeout feature, Test Plan Creation and Debugging Improvements…

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Tools Evaluated By Team



  • Supports SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Trafodion, DB2 & Redis
  • Generate workload based on Transaction Processing Council - Type C & H benchmarks
  • Autopilot feature allows to execute single test with different user load
  • Supports distributed testing
  • Reports TPM (Transactions per minute) & CPU Metrics

Key Takeaways

  • Light weight and easy to setup (evaluated for SQL Server & Oracle)
  • Unfolds problems related to DB Server architecture through Transactions rate reporting
  • Display results via GUI and could not log results to file
  • Errors are clearly reported in the output section for easy debugging
  • Precise documentation with detailed information on every feature
SQL Query Stress Tool


  • Supports SQL Server
  • Executes database stored procedures with multiple threads/users
  • Random values can be passed for parameters of stored procedure

Key Takeaways

  • Very handy tool with no installation steps; clicking .exe file will launch the application
  • Provides response time of stored procedure in no time
  • Exceptions are clearly reported in tabular format

Knowledge Base

Useful Reports For Tuning Oracle Database Performance

Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)

Important Performance Statistics
Objects Statistics
Provides access and usage statistics of database segments
SQL Statement
Provides SQL query details
Time Model
Indicates the amount of DB time associated with a process
Wait Events
Displays all wait events
System Statistics
Shows the main resources including I/O, CPU, memory, and network usage

Active Session History (ASH)

Important Performance Statistics
Top Events
Specific parameter values to help you to drill down into the event in more detail
Describes the top SQL statements of the sampled session activity
Top Sessions
Lists the sessions that were waiting for the wait event
Top DB Objects
Lists the database objects (such as tables and indexes)
Load Profile
Describes the load analyzed in the sampled session activity
Activity Over Time
Useful for longer time periods as it provides in-depth details about activities and workload profiles

Why To Use AWR & ASH Reports

AWR & ASH Reports
  • QA teams can identify potential DB issues using these reports early in the testing phase
  • Reduce the analysis time of Dev/DBA teams as the initial statistics can be gathered by QA team itself
  • Easy validation of DB issues by comparing the AWR/ASH reports
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