Webinar: Ask A Performance Question

QASource | August 5, 2016

Webinar: Ask A Performance Question

QASource sponsors The East Bay Agilistry & QA Meetup Group. The goal of the meetup group is to create a community where software engineers and developers can meet once a month to learn new skills, build on current skill sets as well as network with other business professionals.

We had a wonderful webinar/meetup titled, "Ask A Performance Question", by James Pulley.

James' main point from his webinar is, no matter the development and operational model you have in your organization, software performance issues have a surprisingly common root cause. Just as surprising is a small modification in how you work today which will have dramatic positive impacts on software performance.

The East Bay Agilistry & QA Meetup members loved James' presentation. At the end of the webinar, there were some excellent Questions:

  1. How do you recommend getting management or the testing team to buy-in for incorporating performance testing with user stories, requirements and desirements?
  2. If we have a staging environment for testing, how is it different from production?

To hear James' answer, watch the end of the recorded webinar below. 

Webinar: Ask A Performance Question

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