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Comparing a Test Plan vs Test Strategy for Software QA

Developing a comprehensive test strategy means never having to ask, “Where do we begin?”

It's important to understand the difference between test plan and test strategy while defining the role each plays in the software development lifecycle. While a test strategy defines your QA best practices, a test plan outlines how you will practically implement them toward getting a finished product to market.

How Outsourcing QA Can Supercharge Your Business

Software QA testing is a critical part of the software development lifecycle and it can prove to be challenging unless it's done by the right resources. Resources that have experience and training with QA tools and techniques.

Nearshore Agile Software Testing: What To Look For

If you are looking for ways to augment the efforts of your in-house QA team, then outsourcing your software testing requirements to a nearshore vendor can prove to be extremely beneficial. Not only will it help to boost production during a software release cycle, but testers will ensure that  you do not compromise on security and product quality.

When Do You Opt for Manual Software Testing over Automated Testing?

No automation service ever left a comment in a report that read: “Think we could do better here.” When you test using binary software, you get left with “yes” or “no” answers—never insights.

The CTO’s Guide to Nearshore Software Outsourcing

When it comes to launching software products on time with no bugs, managers are faced with the question of whether they should deploy an in-house QA team, crowdsource the entire effort, or outsource software testing to a professional QA service provider. While outsourcing software testing has several benefits like saving cost on training, tools and equipment, the process of finding the right QA partner can prove to be very challenging.

How Outsourcing QA Can Supercharge Your Business (Infographic)

Software testing could be a challenging task if not done correctly using the right tools and resources. In order for the software to function smoothly, you need to implement the best software QA testing strategies. For that, you have to look for an experienced QA service provider who can improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Reimagining QA: How AI-Driven Quality Engineering Is the Future

Modern consumers have everything they need right at their fingertips to interact with organizations. They can research, and purchase software products online, and also share their opinions of the product and overall consumer experience in minutes.

A Glossary of Software Testing Types

Technology is an integral part of our daily lives. From transferring money online, to accessing our medical records on an app, we utilize dozens of applications and software every single day. Our daily activities are so dependent and intertwined with the functionality of these apps that any form of software malfunction would result in a high level of inconvenience.

5 Tips For Selecting A Software Testing Services Provider

The future of your product is in the hands of many people, including your engineers, product managers, sales and marketing, and your executive team. But it’s also in the hands of another group of people that may be overlooked: your QA engineers.

Top 10 Test Automation Anti-Patterns and Ways To Avoid Them

What is an anti-pattern?

In software development, an anti-pattern solution may initially appear desirable but ultimately produces more problems than it solves. Anti-patterns can range from mundane issues such as lack of documentation around automated tests to organizational structures that inhibit change and innovation. This is a list of the most common anti-patterns that have been seen in test automation efforts, along with suggested remedies.

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