Monitoring and Results Analysis in Performance Testing: PerfCast Q1 - 2016

QASource QASource | May 11, 2016

“Performance testing is not a one-time event”

Quote By Theresa Lanowitz

What’s New

  • A new load testing tool launched by Apica along with online resource named that combines all Apica load testing tools and services into a single platform.

    • Automatically compare test response data to originally recorded responses to avoid false positives
    • Available with 30 command lines to directly automate test generation without using GUI
    • Extensive reporting which comes with 24 standard charts plus a custom PDF reporting tool

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  • Continuous Performance Validation (CPV) is a new platform provided by Neotys for load testing and performance monitoring for the application lifecycle. The solution consists of the following:

    • NeoLoad for load and performance testing
    • NeoSense for 24x7 synthetic monitoring
    • Integrations with CI & APM tool

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  • Blazemeter now allows users to incorporate critical metrics from AppDynamics into their BlazeMeter test scenarios itself to identify problem areas faster.

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Tools Evaluated By Team

Tools Evaluated

Features evaluated

  • Use of Benchmark Description Language (BDL) for scripting
  • Availability of different workload types for scripts execution
  • Easy parameterization of dynamic data
  • Supports integrated server monitoring
  • Rich reporting and trending
  • Pacing time feature

Other features

  • Supports major web environments such as HTML5, AJAX, Adobe’s Flash/Flex, and Microsoft Silverlight
  • Cloud support with unlimited scalability
  • Free online tool which supports analysis of JMeter results
  • Comprehensive Test Reporting which includes Top 5 Best Transactions & Top 5 Worse Transactions and other helpful reporting charts/trends
  • Allows to save the historic test results
  • Allows manual upload of results file
  • Features to merge other reports (like PerfMon, JMeter log) with Jmeter results for better analysis
  • Online tool to help you in analyzing test results of Apache JMeter, Apache Benchmark and Yandex.Tank tools
  • Allows to save historic test results and also compare results of different test runs
  • Test Results can be automatically uploaded from JMeter using Loadosophia Uploader plug-in
  • Features to upload monitoring data file to correlate with test results

Knowledge Base

Most Important Parameters for Server Monitoring

Impact on Server Performance
Server will no longer process more work & throughput flattens if CPU hits 100%
80% or more CPU utilization for each processor for long period of time
Memory shortages and leaks leads to application instability
Memory leak occurs if Process\Private Bytes and Process\Working Sets is increasing, and Memory\Available bytes decreasing
Processor remains idle while the disk is being accessed
I/Os per Disk = [Read + (4xWrites)] / Number of Disk If calculated I/Os per disk exceeded Disk I/O capacity of Server, this would lead to disk bottleneck

Commonly Used Server Monitoring Tools on Windows platform

  • Performance Monitor: Examine how programs you run affects server's performance. It uses performance counters, event trace data, and configuration information, which can be combined into Data Collector Sets.
  • Xperf: Provided with Windows Performance Toolkit. It is an advanced tool that provides detailed performance and system data.
  • Reliability Monitor: Measures hardware and software problems and other changes to your computer. It tracks the history of your computer to provide you the information for application crashes, hangs, or Windows blue screen.
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