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QASource Blog Performance Testing Checklist: 10 Considerations When Preparing for Performance Testing

Performance Testing Checklist: 10 Considerations When Preparing for Performance Testing


Whenever one is starting any sort of QA endeavor, a plan needs to be put in place. This is important for testing the performance of an application as well. Being fully prepared and having a well-defined test plan put in place can help prevent delays. QASource’s expert engineers have pulled together their expertise and created a checklist of metrics and tasks to complete when preparing for performance testing.

QASource's expert engineers have put together a checklist that will help you be successful when testing the performance of an application. Here are some of the questions you should ask and steps you should complete when getting started with performance testing:

Identify The Load Testing Objective

Is your desired load testing objective to test the performance of an application during peak load times, or is the objective to test the stability of an application under a heavy load?

Determine Which Type Of Application Requires Performance Testing

It is important to know which type of application will be under test. Is the application that requires performance testing web-based, a desktop application or a mobile app?

Define Your Test Plan

This is an important step because a well-defined test plan can help prevent delays. Does your plan define the priority of APIs scenarios? Are all positive and negative test scenarios included?

Identify The Special Software Or Plug-Ins

Does the application have any special software or plug-ins involved? Does the application use 'Flash player' or 'Java Swing Objects'? This is important to know because these special software or plug-ins may need specialized performance testing software.

Identify Specific Key Performance Indicators(KPIs)

These KPIs would be used to monitor application server metrics, response times, database server metrics and system behavior.

The steps mentioned above and the steps in our checklist 10 Considerations When Preparing For Performance Testing will help an engineer, testing provider and/or a software company start the performance testing process. Check out our checklist below to learn 10 steps you must follow when preparing to test an application's performance.

Download your free checklist below and discover the steps that need to be completed when preparing for performance testing.

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