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Timothy Joseph

Timothy Joseph
Timothy Joseph is an experienced QA manager. He balances cloud technologies with on-premises processes, automated testing with manual, and the demands of a release cycle with end-users' needs. Timothy writes regularly about his perspective on QA and lessons learned on the job.

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How AI-powered Test Automation Solves Software QA Challenges?

With recent trends in automated and digitized data acquisition, and deep learning algorithms, AI and ML applications are growing rapidly in fields that were initially to be solely managed by human expertise. By introducing AI and ML into automated testing tools, QA teams are able to address many of the conventional problems of automated software testing. According to a report by Digital Transformation Trends, 80% of businesses admitted that AI and ML improved their productivity, brand value, and ROI. And now, these two components have become an integral part of the software testing life cycle.

User Guide to Day-in-The-life (DITL) Testing

Before releasing any software, testers need to look at various factors like real data, real interface, real user interactions and overall functionality to ensure a flawless user-experience execution once it goes live. This is where SAP day-in-the-life testing comes into play.

Digital Payment Gateway Testing

Digital payment gateway testing is done to ensure that a system provides a good customer experience during online purchases and transactions. The purpose of this testing is to ensure the performance, security, and reliability of a payment gateway by encrypting and securing the payment details between the user and merchant.

What is Robotic Process Automation for Salesforce?

Salesforce is a global leader and expert in providing customer relationship management solutions that bring companies and customers together. Its cloud services like sales, service, and community have the potential to adapt to any business model. Their real value lies in the processes, workflows, rules, reports, and data extraction.

A Quick Guide To Chaos Engineering

When it comes to testing performance, clients always ask the following question to measure the KPI:

How Has The Application Behaved During Peak Hours?

While performance and stress testing solve many software challenges, chaos testing is becoming the need of the hour. Also known as “Chaos Monkey”, or the Simian Army, this type of testing was first developed by Netflix for testing the resilience of their IT infrastructure. It tests the production environment so that the frequency of cyberattacks, outages, and software failures can be greatly reduced or completely nullified.

A Comprehensive Guide to Chatbot Testing

A chatbot powered by an artificial intelligence (AI) program acts as a conversation agent for your business. It simulates the chat or conversation with a user in natural language via mobile applications, messengers, or websites.

The Future Is Now: AI Testing

Artificial intelligence continues to create opportunities across almost all technologies that seemed impossible in the past. We can now explore the universe, diagnose diseases and program self-driving cars. And, with thousands of other use cases across all industries, that’s just the start of what artificial intelligence can achieve.

Guide to Agile Testing Services: Everything You Need to Know

Agile QA, Agile Testing | By Timothy Joseph | May 16, 2019

Agile testing is your future. It will save you time. It will save you money. It will save you resources.

The gold standard of QA methodologies, Agile testing and development are designed to evolve with the product. This process is built to match the pace of today’s software development market that demands higher testing speeds and higher quality products that deliver better experiences for customers.

The 2019 Guide to Automation Tools

Test Automation | By Timothy Joseph | March 20, 2019

Automation has given the quality assurance process a much-needed injection of speed. By taking responsibility for every aspect of the QA phase out of the hands of manual testers and turning it over to efficient computer test scripts, automation allows us to:

  • Achieve Better Quality
  • Release Faster
  • Get More QA Coverage

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