QASource’s Advanced Technology Group Monthly Update: October 2014

QASource | November 1, 2014

QASource’s Advanced Technology Group Monthly Update: October 2014

In each QALounge monthly update, the dedicated engineers in our advanced technology group work with the latest QA testing tools and report on new support features and other relevant updates. This month, the team reviews new functionality for Selenium, TestComplete, Gradle, and Ranorex. Overviews for several browser compatibility testing tools and mobile automation tools are also featured. To quote our team, “The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.” Use our monthly updates to stay ahead of the curve and maintain your competitive edge in the market.

Latest Support Updates:

  • Selenium released a new version of WebDriver, which updates native events to support Firefox 24, 21, 32, and 33.
  • TestComplete 10.4 supports iOS 8 and has an ability to record tests on Android Hybrid apps.
  • Gradle’s new version, 2.1, features integration with Gradle Plugin Portal.
  • Ranorex released its new version, 5.2.0, which features added native support to Qt Widgets and Flash embedded in Qt controls.

Tool & Technology Overview:

Browsera is an automated browser compatibility testing tool, which verifies that a webpage looks as expected. The tool allows for page testing across various browsers, over time in regression tests, or in multiple locales. Browsera supports multiple browsers and OS combinations, which are useful in regression cycles.

mAutomate is a test automation tool for mobile devices. The tool allows for the simultaneous recording and execution of test cases on multiple devices and platforms. With mAutomate, you can execute automated tests on remote mobile devices connected to the provider networks without rooting or jail breaking the devices.

RiaTest is a GUI test automation tool that provides support for applications based in Flash, Flex, HTML, jQuery, and ExtJS. It has the ability to automate Windows 8.0 applications, and it also has its own scripting language, RIAScript. Also, it offers an object locator and recorder function for the creation of automation scripts. Learn how to select the best test automation tool for your application in our free whitepaper.

Gridlastic is a cloud-based Selenium Grid that allows you to launch your own grid in any Amazon data region. Gridlastic provides instant cross-browser testing infrastructure that is maintenance free and automatically scaled to satisfy your speed requirements.

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