The Advantages of Outsourcing Quality Assurance in Healthcare Application Software

Timothy Joseph
Timothy Joseph | February 28, 2019

The Advantages of Outsourcing Quality Assurance in Healthcare Application Software

If you develop software for the healthcare industry, you know nothing means more to your clients than healing patients. Your clients’ work is meaningful, and building software that helps them deliver better healthcare outcomes is important work.

What if you could deliver software that lets users serve more patients, faster?

Healthcare practitioners are looking for ways to make healthcare more efficient. You could build software that helps them better follow a patient-centered workflow, helps them meet the requirements of doctors and facilities, makes for smooth and timely payments and reimbursements, and meets industry and government regulations. You could help your clients save lives—if you had the right quality assurance.

Robust quality assurance (QA) lets you deliver the highest-quality software possible. After your painstaking development process, QA is what takes your software to the next level. It lets you deliver the software that healthcare practitioners need, free of glitches that can cause blackouts or loss of confidential patient data. Good QA refines your software. Your clients will have positive user experiences, making them likely to recommend your business. What’s the best part of all? You can have excellent QA that delivers all the benefits of well-tested software and save money through outsourcing.

The Many Advantages of Outsourcing Quality Assurance

If you have never considered outsourcing your QA, its advantages may surprise you. Outsourcing QA does more than just lower costs; it saves time, puts fresh reviewers on your software, and helps you meet deadlines. Your developers will not have to perform any QA tasks themselves, so it frees them to do what they do best—build more software for healthcare clients. Here are more advantages of outsourcing QA that can help your business deliver on promises to your clients.

Healthcare Domain Expertise

Outsourcing software QA is not just about access to top-notch app testing. Outsourcing also gives you access to subject matter domain expertise. If you have developed a healthcare app, have it tested by professionals experienced with checking for regulatory compliance and other industry-specific requirements.

A Third-Party Perspective

When your team has worked on the same project for months, it can be hard to spot errors. Having a reviewer test software and examine code with fresh eyes uncovers more mistakes and yields objective feedback. And while you and your team feel a strong connection to the software you have created, sometimes all you need is an outside reviewer to see problem areas your team may overlook every day.


A lot goes into operating an in-house QA team. Employees need to be paid salaries, benefit packages, and payroll taxes. They may need training, testing software, and exposure to best practices, all of which must be kept current. There is the work of hiring and ongoing management. You can skip all of the work and expenses through outsourcing, making it cheaper to deliver completed software within the scheduled timelines.

QA Expertise

This is an advantage you will get only if you engage the right QA provider. Research carefully and choose one that specializes exclusively in QA. An expert QA provider knows how to offer customized solutions for your specific testing challenges.

Best Practices and State-of-the-art Testing Tools

Companies that specialize in QA keep up with the newest and greatest QA innovations. When you engage one, your software will be tested with updated approaches to automation, performance, and security testing. Reviewers will evaluate it based on tried-and-true QA best practices. QA providers who stay up-to-date also hire optimal staff. That means only the best talent available will devote themselves to improving your software.

Freedom to Focus on Software Development

Your business excels at identifying healthcare providers’ needs and developing software that makes their work easier. Outsource your QA testing so your team can focus on its core competencies. You don’t need to waste time trying to acquire new skill sets or dabble in a field that your team finds uninspiring. Instead, let QA specialists take over the work of testing.

advantages of outsourcingQASource Healthcare Case Study

Outsource QA and Deliver the Highest-Quality Healthcare Software

Healthcare practitioners need software to help them serve patients quickly and more efficiently. Your company can be the one that provides it. Outsource to detail-orientated reviewers who specialize only in QA. They will find the bugs, glitches, and errors in your software. Whether your software secures patient information, manages electronic health records, or offers any other vital functionality, make sure it exceeds your customer’s expectations. Your product will be compliant, communicate efficiently with third-party applications, and generate correct patient reports. Achieve superior levels of quality by outsourcing your QA.

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