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Timothy Joseph

Timothy Joseph
Timothy Joseph is an experienced QA manager. He balances cloud technologies with on-premises processes, automated testing with manual, and the demands of a release cycle with end-users' needs. Timothy writes regularly about his perspective on QA and lessons learned on the job.

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Accessibility Testing for Beginners

Every business wants to expand the reach of their software application to as many users as possible. Yet, so many applications never reach their potential, simply because the design or implementation of the application didn’t keep every type of end-user in mind.

Benefits of Outsourcing QA in a Borderless World

QA Team, Outsourced QA | By Timothy Joseph | April 7, 2021

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we live in a borderless world. Despite all restrictions on domestic and international travel, we have gained more access to people across the globe—all thanks to the power of technology that’s able to keep up with the speed of our fast-paced world.

And to keep up in today’s fast paced marketplace, location can no longer be a limitation. In fact, it’s become very normal for businesses to outsource certain business functions. Outsourcing allows teams to control costs and focus on their core business while their offshore counterparts focus on their tasks.

8 Reasons Your QA Team Would Use a Virtual Machine for Automated Testing

QA Team, Test Automation | By Timothy Joseph | March 30, 2021

Automated testing is adapting to the ever-evolving trends in the software industry. More companies are replacing the traditional approach of running automation suites on separate hardware and software with a comprehensive virtual test lab. 

The question still stands: Is virtual machine automation just another fad, or is virtual machine testing worth the investment?

What Are the Limitations of Automation Testing?

We are all restricted by limitations, from the business models we use to every system that guides us through software development and quality assurance. The key is to understand these limitations so that your team can overcome them - and be stronger for it.

The Best Way to Manage Continuous Integration: Testing and Collaboration

Continuous Integration | By Timothy Joseph | March 16, 2021

If you could create a safety net to protect your product’s user experience, would you? Is it even possible to prevent the possibility of consumers discovering bugs and defects after deployment, all while maintaining speed to market?

With continuous integration QA, your team can get your product to market quicker without the risk of pushing bad code to production. With a well-developed continuous integration process in place, your team can build necessary test components within every collaborative development cycle, removing delay and minimizing risk.

A Guide To Media Streaming and OTT Testing

The rise of media streaming has allowed consumers to be in control of how they experience content. Viewers no longer have to adjust their life for a TV show schedule, now that users can choose what content they want to watch, when they watch it and on what device they watch it.

Streaming media is here to stay. With 62% of adults subscribing to a streaming service, the industry is only expected to grow at an exponential rate across all types of media.

A Guide To Codeless Automated Testing

Codeless Automation | By Timothy Joseph | February 2, 2021

A programming mindset dominates how many test automation tools are developed. But more times than not, your QA testers are not programmers. Because coding takes years of practice to master, training your QA team to code can drain your resources. Furthermore, testers find themselves spending more time coding test cases than running tests.

Your QA process doesn’t have to be this complicated. It’s time to adopt codeless testing.

A Guide to Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation, RPA | By Timothy Joseph | January 26, 2021

Imagine a distraction-free day at your company where your team has all the time needed to concentrate on core business objectives. No longer do mundane, repetitive tasks suppress the speed of your internal processes. No longer do manual mistakes cause inaccurate reporting or critical issues with your consumers.

This scenario is not a dream. It can be a reality. In fact, it can be your reality with robotic process automation.

Common Software Security Flaws

Security Testing | By Timothy Joseph | January 19, 2021

Attackers are always looking for an open door into your software application. If there are software security flaws present, it can be as simple as URL manipulation or broken user access control, to create a vulnerability. And once attackers gain access to your network, it’s only a matter of time before they launch cyberattacks that lead to sensitive data exposure, financial loss and tarnished credibility. 

Causes for Common Software Failures

Software Bug, Software Failure | By Timothy Joseph | January 6, 2021

To the untrained ear, a software bug sounds like a real-life creature crawling into your software product to wreak havoc before your exterminator arrives. This sadly isn’t too far from the truth, for software bugs can cause great damage as if they walked on six legs to poison or chew through your software system.

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