Mobile Accessibility Testing: MobiCast - Winter 2019

QASource | January 16, 2019

The following tools can be evaluated by teams to perform mobile accessibility testing:


Tips And Tricks For Mobile Accessibility Testing

Tips And Tricks For Mobile Accessibility Testing
  • Work with a combination of tools rather than relying on a single tool
  • Select the tools depending on the type of requirements
  • Give importance to native and built-in tools
  • Do not completely ignore third party tools; at times they prove to be better than native tools
  • Utilize multiple techniques such as screen readers, voice-to-text, voice-enabled searches, screen magnifiers, screen brightness, and analyzing color ratio
  • Verify benchmarks that are defined as per accessibility guidelines and standards. For example, WCAG 2.1, Section 508 compliance requirements
  • Do not rely completely on automation because it may not catch all the bugs; perform manual accessibility audits alongside

News Flash

Open-source Mobile Automation Tools release updates:

Mobile OS release updates:

  • * Apple released a new iOS version 12.1.3 beta 4 (build 16D5039a)
    Download link | Release notes
    * iOS version 12.1.3 links are accessible using an Apple Developer account only
  • * Google released a new version Android 9 Pie (API level 28)
    Download link | Release notes

Mobile OS SDK release updates:

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