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Mobile App QA and Testing Trends

With the release of new mobile operating systems Android 10 and iOS 13, the device adoption trends have evolved. In this newsletter, we have summarized the operating systems and device adoption trends in the United States and Worldwide. This information would assist engineering teams to plan their tasks.

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Mobile Operating System Market Trends: MobiCast - Summer 2018

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4 Reasons Your Patient Mobile App Needs Mobile Testing Services

For healthcare providers, mobile apps present an incredible opportunity to impact the lives of patients. In addition to providing patients with secure access to their health records and direct mobile interaction with healthcare professionals, these mobile apps can be true lifesavers. Consider the London boy who saved his unconscious mother with help from Apple’s Touch ID and Siri. Continued innovation in this space can change the way people think about seeking diagnosis and treatment, accessing and managing their health records, and reporting emergency situations.

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