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A Guide To Payment Gateway Testing (Infographic)

According to Statista, the total digital transaction value is expected to grow in the US by $2,098,515 by 2025. Simultaneously, a rise in data breaches and cyber-attacks are also likely to increase, which can hinder market growth. Therefore, payment gateway testing is critical for ecommerce to ensure utmost data security and a smooth digital payment process.

A Guide to Payment Gateway Testing

It’s easy to see why more consumers are switching to digital payment methods: it’s more convenient, easier to track and reduces contact. To keep up with consumer expectations, eCommerce websites must ensure their payment channels are secure and seamless. Any issue with online payments directly impacts revenue, website traffic and customer loyalty.

In short, payment channels that regularly undergo payment gateway testing are ready for market, ready for the consumer and ready to combat any cybercriminal attempts. But how can QA testers keep track of every test case scenario for payment gateway channels?


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