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Big Data in Healthcare

Big data is a term that defines the large volume of unstructured or structured data that impacts a business on a day-to-day basis. This data can give valuable business insights and solve business problems that could not be tackled before with conventional analytics or software. Over the last few years, various healthcare software has been launched to make people’s lives easier and improve quality care. Moreover, the healthcare and life sciences industry demands foolproof product quality assurance.

A Complete Guide To Big Data Testing

QA Testing, Big Data Testing | By Timothy Joseph | October 7, 2020

Consider the internet like Pandora's Box. The internet has become so powerful because of data and data about data.

For example, when you search the internet for something, you search for data about data. And a search proves to be useful only because someone preserved this information you were seeking somewhere over the internet. As technology advanced to support all this data, so too did the demand for big data applications.

Hybrid File Sharing Platforms and Their Testing Benefits

As your business grows, data storage becomes one of the biggest challenges that you will likely face at some point. Among the myriad of big data challenges, the most notable are shortage of server capacity, sharing issues, security and file backup.


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