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ETL Testing: What Is It and How To Do It Right

This is the third blog in the four part series dealing with Business Intelligence Testing.

Before we begin talking about what ETL testing is, let’s recap the concepts of business intelligence and data warehouse testing (DW test).

Business intelligence is a process wherein business data is collected and turned into useful information for an organization. This data consists of records of a company’s daily transactions, such as its customer interactions, employee management, and finance administration.

How To Build an End-to-End Data Warehouse Testing Strategy

Data is perhaps the best resource that has guided business decisions ever since commerce was invented. Today, we now have capabilities that allow us to store, analyze, and derive actionable insights from business information. It has allowed companies to adapt their business plans to meet changing consumer needs and even predict future trends.

4 Easy Ways to Perform BI Testing

Testing is a standard practice in the world of software development and maintenance. It provides huge benefits for the entire development process that allows teams to communicate better, improve their project completion rates, and enhance user experience.


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