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Dapheny Murphy
Dapheny Murphy is a professional content writer at QASource having extensive knowledge of software quality assurance and testing domain. With 10+ years of experience, she is proficient in delivering deep learning and understanding to the readers.

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All You Need to Know About BDD Test Automation Frameworks

Software development and testing are complex processes that require the extensive knowledge and expertise of developers. This is especially the case for teams who are eyeing to implement behavior-driven development (BDD). There could be various techniques and strategies to simplify the process, but the outcome will also depend on the efficacy of the former.

Testing in Production: Integrate It Into Your Software QA Strategy (Infographic)

Testing a code on real user traffic may produce insufficient data that cannot be used to make conclusions, making testing in production (TiP) seem very difficult to testers and developers. However, QA experts believe that testing in production becomes a crucial part of progressive delivery when planned and carried out effectively, focusing on software quality and release speed.

Best Practices for Implementing QA in a CI/CD Software Lifecycle

Many organizations have adopted the CI/CD software lifecycle as part of their main software development process in the past few years for one particular reason- it helps to deliver products and application features to the end users with high velocity while maintaining the quality.

How We Do API Performance Testing at QASource (Infographic)

API performance testing helps to evaluate the performance of your APIs under specific conditions. With performance testing, also known as functional API testing, you can assess whether the API returns the expected output as per the given input.

When Do You Opt for Manual Software Testing over Automated Testing?

No automation service ever left a comment in a report that read: “Think we could do better here.” When you test using binary software, you get left with “yes” or “no” answers—never insights.

A Complete Guide to Scriptless Test Automation (Infographic)

The software development industry needs faster and more efficient testing processes to keep up with DevOps and Agile-driven methodologies. For that, developers have found scriptless test automation as a potential alternative to the traditional way of doing test automation. It makes test scripts a thing of the past.

Understanding Cybersecurity Through the Lens of Blockchain Applications (Infographic)

The first thing that companies think of when managing networks and applications is security. This is why companies are now investing in blockchain security as it has become necessary to employ the best cybersecurity practices for securing devices and networks from online threats.


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