QASource’s Advanced Technology Group Monthly Update: March 2015

QASource | March 25, 2015

QASource’s Advanced Technology Group Monthly Update: March 2015

Every month our Advanced Technology group evaluates the latest QA testing tools and passes on their findings to you. This month, we will take a look at Monte Media Library, iMacros, Travis CI and Yeti. We have also provided a list of the latest support updates from the past month. As always, we hope this will help increase your QA team’s efficiency and productivity, as well as get the most out of test automation.

Latest Support Updates from February 2015:

  • Version 2.45.0 of Selenium was released with upgraded element locator functionality.
  • Test Complete’s new version 10.60 released, allowing support to API testing and Jenkins integration.
  • Version 1.3.6 of Appium was released with iOS 8.2 support.
  • Ranorex 5.3.0 has been released with native support for automating WPF applications.
  • Enhancements in Garbage collector have been made with the new 2.2.0 version of Ruby.
  • Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6.

Tools and Technology Overview:

Monte Media Library processes media data through a Java library. Supported media formats include still images, video, audio and meta-data. Using this library within the framework, allows implementation of the video recording feature. This feature helps troubleshoot unexpected issues such as dialog appearing or browser hangs.

iMacros is an extension for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer web browsers. This extension adds a record and reply functionality similar to that found in Selenium IDE. In addition, iMacros provides script recorder, dynamic wait, looping, screenshots, image validation, and uploading/downloading of files as inbuilt features.

Travis CI is a continuous integration service that is free for public repositories and integrates heavily with GitHub. It is also online hosted and available free for open-source projects. Keep in mind if a project is private Travis CI will need to be purchased. Like Jenkins, it is easy to configure and maintenance is free.

Yeti or the York Extensible Testing Infrastructure is an automated testing tool that allows testing of programs written in various programming languages. It has a command like tool for launching JavaScript unit tests in a browser. In addition, Yeti slows reporting of results on your terminal, and in the form of graphs.

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