Outsourcing Healthcare Mobile App QA Testing: Risks and Rewards

Timothy Joseph
Timothy Joseph | March 12, 2019

Outsourcing Healthcare Mobile App QA Testing: Risks and Rewards

By answering one question you can unlock the rewards of outsourcing your healthcare mobile app testing: Do you trust your QA partner?

Healthcare mobile app QA testing is very rigorous, and it requires expert knowledge. The strict HIPAA compliance regimen and complex FDA approval process are not issues to be tackled by freshly-minted engineers.

By outsourcing the QA process to a healthcare domain expert, you can be assured your product will undergo testing that is compliant and stringent. You will also reap the time and cost savings that come with using outside resources.

However, this only works if your QA partner can be trusted to maintain the security of your data. Your product and reputation depend on it. So how do you find a trustworthy QA partner?

The Biggest Outsourcing Risk of QA in Healthcare Mobile App Testing

The biggest risk in outsourcing QA for your healthcare mobile app is that the engineers you have invited into your project team might mishandle your data. Overcoming that risk depends on a thorough investigation of your potential partners before any test case is ever run. Ask about certifications, physical and logical protection standards, knowledge of industry regulations, and security measures.

What to Ask

Here are some questions to help determine if your prospective QA team is worthy of your trust.

  • Are they SSAE16 and ISO compliant?

  • How do they store paper and electronic records?

  • How do they sanitize data in the test process?

  • What training do employees undergo in the handling and dissemination of sensitive material?

  • How do they meet industry standards such as HIPAA?

  • What sort of audit trail do they use?

  • How do they manage user authentication and authorization?

Once you have found a QA partner worthy of your trust you can begin to take advantage of the benefits of outsourcing your healthcare mobile app testing.

The Rewards of QA Outsourcing in Healthcare

Anytime you outsource your QA process to a quality partner you stand to gain significant savings in time, resources, and cost—in fact, outsourcing overseas can save you up to 50% on QA costs.

There are several advantages, however, that are specific to mobile healthcare app testing. These include domain expertise beyond your internal team’s capabilities, crucial security knowledge, and an up-to-the-minute understanding of the latest developments in mobile platform standards.

Meeting Healthcare Standards

Mobile healthcare apps have a complex architecture that involves multiple workflows and must handle large volumes of data. Outsourcing your QA process to experts with the right training and compliance with security standards means strengthening your team’s ability to produce a robust and flexible product.

A healthcare domain expert will be well aware of the checklist of requirements a mobile health app must meet. They can ensure you reach the highest standards of controlling access, encrypting data, analyzing risk, and understanding HIPAA regulations.

Physical and Logical Protection

Your QA partner can help you attain the highest levels of security and data integrity during the test process. This includes guiding you through physical and logical protection best practice. From training employees on how to handle, secure, and destroy sensitive information to restricting the use of sensitive user information, these lessons can radically improve your likelihood of meeting and maintaining industry standards.

Cutting-Edge Mobile Tools and Technologies

Mobile apps represent an opportunity for healthcare providers to impact the lives of patients, physicians, and medical-legal companies alike. However, the platforms, operating systems, and carriers that underpin this opportunity evolve at a rapid rate. While your engineers are busily designing your new mobile app, the technology governing the field will be changing around them. Outsourcing your QA process to an industry expert will ensure your product maximizes its performance across interoperability, security, data transfer, and user interface standards.

By leveraging outside healthcare domain knowledge and expertise, it also becomes possible to automate healthcare mobile apps and API testing. If you can find a QA partner worthy of your trust you can unlock all of these outsourcing advantages and more.

Overcoming Risk to Reap Healthcare Mobile App Testing Rewards

The quality of your healthcare mobile app testing can affect the lives of patients. That is why state and federal regulators impose such strict guidelines on its performance. That is also why you must ensure your QA partner can be trusted to help deliver a stable and secure product.

Outsourcing offers many advantages, but it only works when you can trust your partner.

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