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DevOps Trends To Look Out for in 2022

The speed of development services needs to evolve rapidly to keep up with rapid digital transformation. DevOps provides a solution to this situation.

DevOps is a set of strategies and tools designed to help an organization deliver solutions and services more quickly than conventional software development methods. The primary goal of DevOps is to reduce the time it takes for an organization to release an application. DevOps supports shorter, more consistent iterations by allowing organizations to foster improved collaboration among Development andOperations teams, and other stakeholders.

A Guide to Software Testing in a DevOps Culture

As technology rapidly advances and constantly improves, so too must the development practices that create these digital experiences for customers. Because the demand is not slowing down, more and more companies are transitioning their IT practices towards adopting a DevOps culture. With DevOps in place, businesses can better streamline the development, testing, management and deployment of software products to exceed customer expectations.

DevOps provides the solution that many organizations need, however, it is not something that can be turned on with a flip of a switch. DevOps requires full understanding of procedure standardization, workflow management and automated testing before adopting this development methodology.

For example, what is DevOps in software testing? How has DevOps changed software testing? And what are the pros and cons of software testing in DevOps?

Our guide to software testing in a DevOps culture answers your most pressing questions so that you can decide if DevOps is right for you.

Does Your DevOps Test Automation Strategy Cause You Stress?

DevOps does more than enhance your product’s visibility and compliance - it creates a culture of trust and certitude among Dev and QA teams.


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