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Media Streaming Software And OTT Testing (Infographic)

In order to provide a seamless media streaming experience to users, it is important to implement comprehensive QA testing on the streaming platform and OTT software. QASource has a team of tool-agnostic experts who have experience developing and testing media streaming software.

A Complete Guide to Smoke Testing in Software QA (Infographic)

In the construction industry, smoke testing helps to check water pipelines for leakage and other underlying issues. This practice has evolved over time though. In the tech hardware industry, these tests help to check the quality of hardware boards. In the software industry, smoke testing plays a crucial role in software development and quality assurance.

Everything You Need To Know About the Benefits of Hyperautomation (Infographic)

There was a time when companies were hesitant to deploy automation as they feared venturing into something they didn’t fully understand. But now, automation technology has become the norm, and hyperautomation is enabling businesses to change their ways to a more people-centric approach.

How To Effectively Perform White Box Testing (Infographic)

White-box testing helps to evaluate the code, design, and internal structure of a software program, thereby, helping to improve the design, usability, and security of the program. With white box testing, engineers can look through a program’s outer shell and into its inner layout.

4 Easy Ways To Perform BI Testing (Infographic)

In the world of software development and maintenance, quality assurance testing is a standard practice. However, organizations have to deal with the abundance of reports and dashboards for smarter decision-making. So to perform QA testing properly, companies should have the right business intelligence.

Evaluating API Integration Testing Services for Your Needs (Infographic)

Infographics, AI Testing | By Timothy Joseph | October 27, 2021

Application programming interface (API) integration testing is necessary when building any software or mobile application. If your software does not match and supersede the efficiency and quality of other products in the market, it will fail. Let’s understand the basics of API integration.

Advantages of Outsourcing Development Services (Infographic)

Software development is about creating computer applications by using one or more programming languages. Developing these programs consist of several steps known as the software development life cycle (SDLC).

AI Testing Tools That Drive Automation (Infographic)

Artificial intelligence or AI is one of the trends that is highly in-demand in the quality assurance industry. By implementing AI in the test automation framework, QA engineers can expect faster release cycles and businesses can provide good customer experience.

Tips to Improve a Software Release Cycle (Infographic)

Speed is always a priority in software development. From development to testing, everything should be executed quickly. In a well-planned software release strategy, both speed and quality are of the essence. So let’s take a look at the steps that can help you optimize your existing release management process.

Accessibility Testing for Beginners (Infographic)

Every business desires to expand its user base. However, most applications never accomplish their goals because of poor design or application implementation errors that do not keep every type of end-user in mind. So, does your testing strategy include accessibility testing to make it accessible to all?

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