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Media Streaming Software And OTT Testing (Infographic)

In order to provide a seamless media streaming experience to users, it is important to implement comprehensive QA testing on the streaming platform and OTT software. QASource has a team of tool-agnostic experts who have experience developing and testing media streaming software.

A Guide to Media Streaming and OTT Testing (Infographic)

According to Statista, there are now more than 230 million digital video viewers in the United States. This growing popularity in digital streaming services has dramatically increased the quality demanded by users, and with so many options available, it only takes one poor experience to push a user away and towards a competitive platform.

A Guide To Media Streaming and OTT Testing

The rise of media streaming has allowed consumers to be in control of how they experience content. Viewers no longer have to adjust their life for a TV show schedule, now that users can choose what content they want to watch, when they watch it and on what device they watch it.

Streaming media is here to stay. With 62% of adults subscribing to a streaming service, the industry is only expected to grow at an exponential rate across all types of media.


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