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Reliable Automated Solutions for POS Testing (Infographic)

Digital transformation has greatly raised consumer expectations as they want payments to be automated without having to open their wallets. Due to this, the demand for secure, faultless, seamless digital transactions has put pressure on developers to develop a perfect point of sale software.

A Complete Guide to Smoke Testing in Software QA (Infographic)

In the construction industry, smoke testing helps to check water pipelines for leakage and other underlying issues. This practice has evolved over time though. In the tech hardware industry, these tests help to check the quality of hardware boards. In the software industry, smoke testing plays a crucial role in software development and quality assurance.

A Complete Guide to Smoke Testing in Software QA

The phrase “smoke test” was lifted from the construction industry. During this test, water pipelines would be filled with smoke to see if there were any leaks and other underlying issues.

In the tech industry, smoke tests were first used for hardware testing. In this test, hardware boards were tested to see whether they would smoke once they were plugged in and turned on. If they did emit smoke, they would fail the tests and were immediately unplugged. If they didn’t, they’d move on to the next round of testing.


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