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Timothy Joseph
Timothy Joseph is an experienced QA manager. He balances cloud technologies with on-premises processes, automated testing with manual, and the demands of a release cycle with end-users' needs. Timothy writes regularly about his perspective on QA and lessons learned on the job.

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DevOps vs Agile: How Can Their Unique QA Advantages Work Together?

Agile QA | By Timothy Joseph | July 18, 2019

We are all in this together. That is the accepted philosophy that underpins the continued growth of the software development industry’s twin 21st-century efficiencies - Agile and DevOps.

What is less recognized is the role QA plays in enhancing the flow of innovation and production within the two models. Quality assurance testing is the common link that ensures continuity of purpose through the entire product journey from inspiration to end-user experience.

Identify the Software Testing Tools You Need

QA Tools, Software Testing | By Timothy Joseph | July 16, 2019

You may not realize it, but you have all the answers to find the right software testing tools right there in front of you. Even if you are unfamiliar with the names of the dozens of automation and manual testing tools currently available, you already have the information needed to maximize their application.

That is because you know your product better than anyone else. The first and most important step in selecting the right software testing tools is understanding the application at hand. Every project is different, every test environment is unique and every development team has its own strengths and preferences.

Manual Software Testing - Where to Draw the Line with Automation Services

No automation service ever left a comment in a report that read: “Think we could do better here.” When you test using binary software, you get left with “yes” or “no” answers—never insights.

Automation plays an absolutely critical role in your software testing, but it does have its limits. To push beyond the functional criteria of “it works” and into the user experience simulation of “it is worthwhile,” you need to engage the human element.

Do You Need an Automation Test Plan? The Benefits of Early Planning

automation testing | By Timothy Joseph | July 9, 2019

Automation requires a lot of manual effort. Before you push a single test case through the precision rigors of an automation test suite, you have to account for and describe every potential.

Machines are tools. They are not thinkers. They do not recognize the genius in your coding or the end-user experience at the market edge of your product.

In fact, no matter how strong your code is, if you do not have the right test automation framework in place, your test will be brittle and it will break.

Master QA Testing in an Agile Environment

The Agile testing environment creates strength in numbers. It aligns the talents and vision of your entire team to ensure the promise of your product becomes a market reality.

Every stakeholder in your software development life cycle is involved from beginning to end. You can maintain an end-user focus through the development and analysis of daily builds using a cyclical, continuous integration model.

The Best Way to Manage Continuous Integration: Testing and Collaboration

Continuous Integration | By Timothy Joseph | June 27, 2019

Continuous integration, testing and delivery become a safety net to protect the user experience. We all want to get the product market quicker, but when you fail to implement comprehensive QA, you risk wasting that rapid release on a product that ultimately fails on functionality. With continuous integration, you have a critical opportunity to build necessary test components into a collaborative development process, removing delay and minimizing risk.

8 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Test Automation Strategy

Your test automation strategy is the foundation of your final product. The difference between delivering your app’s potential impact to market or having to watch it fail comes down to the rigors of your QA process. A test automation strategy is your plan for executing that process.

It needs to be comprehensive enough to consider every variable of your testing process, from the nature of your workflows through to the section of the right test tools, from the selection of your QA expert to the makeup of your Agile development team.

Improve Your Test Automation ROI

There is a threefold way to improve the value of your QA investment. Stacked one atop the other, these three elements combine to make your software testing faster, better, and more cost effective.

The strategy looks like this:

  1. Taking advantage of test automation saves you time.
  2. Outsourcing that test automation to a QA expert increases your test coverage and improves the quality of your product.
  3. Engaging a QA expert located offshore dramatically reduces your resource cost.

What Is Manual Regression Testing? How Can You Optimize Your Test Cases?

Evolution can be brutal. A piece of code you once considered an innovative breakthrough can put your entire application in danger once integrated within original application code. That is why we call it software development-today’s Agile approach in software development is a constant survival-of-the-fittest test.

Regression testing is the final arbiter of this evolution.

The Best Offshore Software Solutions for Agile Testing and Development

Since the advent of the Agile method more than a decade ago, many have come to assume that the advantages of iterative development are available only through face-to-face conversation within the same room.

During that time, offshore QA testing has matured to offer the expertise, resource savings and flexibility that make it a foundation of modern software development best practices.

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