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Timothy Joseph

Timothy Joseph
Timothy Joseph is an experienced QA manager. He balances cloud technologies with on-premises processes, automated testing with manual, and the demands of a release cycle with end-users' needs. Timothy writes regularly about his perspective on QA and lessons learned on the job.

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A Glossary of Software Testing Types

Technology is an integral part of our daily lives. From transferring money online, to accessing our medical records on an app, we utilize dozens of applications and software every single day. Our daily activities are so dependent and intertwined with the functionality of these apps that any form of software malfunction would result in a high level of inconvenience.

5 Ways To Achieve Insprint Test Automation (Infographic)

In the current state of software development, testing engineers work in compressed cycles and perform automation regression testing to save effort, cost, and time. Insprint test automation is one such scenario where the entire process from development to implementation and software product reporting happens in one sprint.

Best Practices for Continuous Performance Testing in DevOps

Businesses are introducing new and complicated aspects into development at an unprecedented rate. However, because of the pressure to meet deadlines, software features are typically rushed into production without adequate quality control. As a result, clients and users run the risk of encountering performance issues that could have been prevented with sufficient testing.

Edge Computing

Tools and Tips To Test Insurance Domain Applications

In today's world, insurance companies provide a variety of insurance options related to life, automobile, health, property, and casualty, with different types of coverage plans. Insurance companies are continuously looking for technical solutions to meet the demands of the customers and create products according to their needs.

QASource - A Leading Software Testing for Startups (Infographic)

To provide customized and budget-friendly solutions for software testing startups, the best course of action is to partner with a professional QA partner like QASource. Ensure faster releases and better-quality software products by partnering with QASource for all your development and QA testing needs.

Big Data in Healthcare

Big data is a term that defines the large volume of unstructured or structured data that impacts a business on a day-to-day basis. This data can give valuable business insights and solve business problems that could not be tackled before with conventional analytics or software. Over the last few years, various healthcare software has been launched to make people’s lives easier and improve quality care. Moreover, the healthcare and life sciences industry demands foolproof product quality assurance.

A Leading Automation Testing Services Company (Infographic)

In order to achieve better quality when developing software or mobile applications, you need a reliable quality assurance solution. QASource, a renowned automation testing services provider helps you produce better software at a faster speed.

The Evolution of Gaming Through Game Testing

Gaming, Game Testing | By Timothy Joseph | February 1, 2022

Testing is the process of checking, probing, or examining a product to see if it meets specific standards. Testing can be done on software or hardware and has many different testing methods. Testing video games is just one type of testing that helps developers find bugs before releasing their game into the public market for purchase. Testing video games also ensures that players have an enjoyable experience when playing the game. Testing gamers can test out games for various stability issues and provide feedback about what they find to help developers fix these problems before the release date.

Reliable Automated Solutions for POS Testing (Infographic)

Digital transformation has greatly raised consumer expectations as they want payments to be automated without having to open their wallets. Due to this, the demand for secure, faultless, seamless digital transactions has put pressure on developers to develop a perfect point of sale software.

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