QASource's Top Manual Testing Posts

QASource | July 31, 2019

QASource's Top Manual Testing PostsThere’s no denying that automation and automated testing is winning the day. For teams using the Agile method, automation is the only way that repetitive testing can keep up with the pace of the team. It’s faster, more cost-effective, and less prone to human error, and it’s essential to running a large quantity of tests across a variety of different platforms in little time.

All that being said, there’s still a major case to be made for manual testing. Manual testing is really the only tried-and-true way to test for the end user, and it’s still worthwhile for any product company designing and delivering to humans.

At QASource, we keep a dedicated team of manual testers for several key reasons. They help us test from a human perspective, allowing us to truly capture the end user’s experience. They do exploratory testing and reveal the entire problem (not just one bug). And they take on the testing that may be too expensive to automate.

To learn more about why manual testing is more relevant than ever and how to develop a sound strategy around it, keep reading our top manual testing posts from the past year!

Can Manual Testing be Completely Replaced by Automation Testing?

The short answer is “no,” but keep reading to learn why usability testing still needs humans, and why manual testing is here to stay, even in a time of unprecedented automation.

Why Do We Still Need Manual Testing?

Still doubting whether manual testing is necessary? Look no further than this post to learn all about the value that manual testing brings to your product and your DevOps organization, including increased test coverage, reduced costs, and real-time testing.

The Right Balance of Automated vs. Manual Testing Service

Once you’re convinced of the enduring value of manual testing, the next step is learning to balance it with automated testing. At QASource, we’re happy to help you plan the right ratio—but this article will show you all the variables to consider and help define your reasons for automating testing.

Which Testing is Best: Manual or Automation?

Though balancing the two is the recommended approach, there are undeniable benefits of automation when compared to manual testing. Learn more about how automation shines, and how manual testing can help make up for its shortfalls.

Web Application Testing Checklist to Balance Manual and Automation Testing

Automation is great at smoke tests and regression tests, and manual testers do a better job of anticipating user experience—where’s the dilemma? However, balancing the two is often not so straightforward.This post will help you figure out how to manage your automation and manual testing resources.

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