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OWASP Top10: All You Need To Know About Web Application Security Risks

OWASP Top 10, OWASP, Web Security | By Timothy Joseph | October 19, 2021

Since we are living in a world where technology plays a huge role in our daily lives, we often depend on it when it comes to our social and business lives. Social media platforms help you to become more updated about current events, and you use various applications to manage your business and execute your work.

Execute Your Automated Test Suite Like the Pros

Every single delay in launching your product hurts your brand image, and drastically reduces your potential customer base. Being late, by a day, hour or minute means that someone else gets the first chance to impress your potential customers with a solution to their problem. You may have a better product, but if the first application a customer tries is “good enough,” you may never get the chance to prove you can do things better.

Everything You Need To Know About the Benefits of Hyperautomation

Automation wasn’t well-received when it was first introduced among the different industry verticals. Most companies were hesitant in employing this new technology simply because they feared what they didn't fully understand.

Advantages of Outsourcing Development Services (Infographic)

Software development is about creating computer applications by using one or more programming languages. Developing these programs consist of several steps known as the software development life cycle (SDLC).

5 Ways to Achieve Insprint Test Automation

In modern software development, testers work in compressed cycles, and automate regression tests to save costs, time and effort. Insprint test automation provides an ideal development scenario, wherein, the entire process from creation to implementation and performance reporting of a software product happens in one sprint.

Cloud Infrastructures for Automation Testing

A Complete Guide to Smoke Testing in Software QA

The phrase “smoke test” was lifted from the construction industry. During this test, water pipelines would be filled with smoke to see if there were any leaks and other underlying issues.

In the tech industry, smoke tests were first used for hardware testing. In this test, hardware boards were tested to see whether they would smoke once they were plugged in and turned on. If they did emit smoke, they would fail the tests and were immediately unplugged. If they didn’t, they’d move on to the next round of testing.

Reliable Automated Solutions for POS Testing

Test Automation, Software Testing | By Vakul Gotra | September 22, 2021

There was a time when we lined up on a Friday to draw enough cash from over the bank counter to see us through until Monday. Now it is quite possible to go entire weeks without using cash at all.

The digital transformation of business has raised consumer expectations such that they expect to be able to pay for everything—from pizzas to plane tickets—without having to open their wallets. The demand for truly secure, effortless, seamless, faultless digital transactions puts pressure on developers to produce perfect POS software.

What Is OLAP in Data Warehouse?

Business Intelligence, BI, ETL, Data Warehouse, OLAP | By Vakul Gotra | September 21, 2021

We are now living in a world that’s driven by data, where huge amounts of information are being gathered and stored daily. The more data that an organization generates, the more crucial it is to have the ability to access and analyze it effectively.

Unfortunately, data analysis is considered to be a weak link for many companies today. This is primarily because of selecting the wrong type of data storage systems while performing ineffective analytics.

One way to improve analytics is by acquiring an enterprise-grade data warehouse. This is where OLAP in a data warehouse comes in.

Application Security With SAST and DAST

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